CVC children sit KCPE exam

Our 30 class 8 pupils sat for their KCPE examination on 22nd to 24th March 2021. The exam was supposed to be done last year in November 2020 but due to Covid 19 it was delayed until this year. Their first year in high school will start on 10th May 2021. It’s our hope that their families will be able to cater for their high school needs.

CVC School Fully Reopens

CVC school fully reopened on 4th January 2021 and all the pupils and staff reported on the opening day. We thank everyone who prayed with us last year and we would love you to continue praying with us this year. I am aware that Covid-19 is still around but following Instructions from the WHO will be of great benefit for all of us. Be well.

School re-opening 2020 (Post-Covid-19)

Hello everyone!

Greetings from CVC

In March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic hit Kenya like most other countries across the globe. Consequently, the education sector as well as the country’s economy were adversely affected. This led to closure of all levels of learning institutions. The pandemic had an extremely adverse impact on the CVC community that comprise of students, the staff, and refugee families that in one way or the other depend on our organization’s support. The ministry of education proposed re-opening of schools in phases in light of the prevailing pandemic. As a result, schools resumed on 12th October 2020. However only grades four and eight learners resumed as per the ministry of education directives. Out of the eleven teachers teaching at CVC, only five were selected to teach grades four and eight students in accordance with the ministry of education requirements on teachers qualified to teach in the two classes. The organization is not in a position to have all the teachers teach in the two classes because of our current financial situation that has been compounded by the pandemic.

We are grateful to God and our partners who have walked with us and immensely supported us throughout the Covid-19 pandemic period. However, the organization still needs a lot of support, both financially, emotionally, and in prayers, because our parents are not able to meet the financial needs of students and teachers who are in session. The economic status of refugee families was adversely affected by the pandemic and this has made it extremely difficult for them to make financial contributions towards learning. Therefore, we are appealing to partners, well-wishers, and friends to support our students go through this season in any way they can.  

Any support offered will be highly appreciated.

Below are some pictures of classes 4 & 8 during lunch time.

CVC. Covid-19 Food Assistance

It’s a big thank you!
Christ’s Victory Centre in partnership has been making effort to ensure that its beneficiaries are cushioned against the impact of Covid-19 through provision of food items. This has been conducted in partnership with our U.S partners and the Pakanj team. Multiple distributions have been made and the last one was made on 22/05/2020. Through the initiative and the support received, our beneficiaries are able to survive through this pandemic. however, as a result of the large number of our target population in need, we have not been able to provide for all of them. We thereby appeal to well-wishers to partner with us in this noble course.
C.V.C appreciates all the well-wishers who have so far supported us and we hope to continue partnering.