Exams are in session

students during an exam
students during an exam

As the term comes to an end, the students sit for their final exams. To curb cheating, we change the sitting arrangements. You will find that students from different grades are mixed. This has proven to be effective over the years. Success to all the students. It has been a great term and we are looking forward to the next term which will begin on the 26th of August 2019.


When they are left behind: A CVC story

Sometimes CVC’s children are forced to grow up so fast. Such incidences occur when the children are abandoned by their parents. Yes, this happens. One day the child wakes up, goes to school and when they go back home in the evening, they find no sign of the parents. Continue reading “When they are left behind: A CVC story”

Breakfast for the students

Ms.Brittany and Mr. Porfirio provided breakfast for the students and spent time with them. This breakfast was a privilege for the students as they are normally not provided with it. We would like to thank them for this day,we had so much fun. It would be great to be able to provide a daily healthy breakfast for them. The kids need to be provided with the proper healthy food to enable their growth considering their young age.

A message from the Director

A photo of the director, Mr. Didier Kabandilwa
Mr. Didier Kabandilwa

The term is coming to an end and we therefore wish to appreciate everyone who has been praying for and supporting us.This includes, the teachers, the cooks, the volunteers and also the Christ’s Victory Centre students and the almighty God for enabling us to fulfill this noble task. We still need your prayers and generous support. Thank you.

The director,
Mr. Didier kabandilwa

New uniforms for the kids

We managed to give 80 students new uniforms earlier this week. Our target is to give all the 300 plus students new uniforms as well. This was made possible by Mr. Porfirio, one of CVC’S many friends. The tailor happens to be one of the parents from the refugee community . Here are some photos from the tailoring to when the students received the uniforms.

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Fun day at Christ’s Victory Centre 2019

Christ’s Victory Centre had a fun day at the primary school. This day’s aim was to give the children at CVC a care free day where they could just have fun and eat good food. We had various games and activities and had a huge bouncing castle for the children to enjoy. The day turned out to be great and the children enjoyed every bit of it.

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Meet Teacher Rose

One of our most diligent educators is Teacher Rose who joined CVC about a year ago. After a difficult childhood she is extremely happy to be able to teach refugees and other children from very poor families. Teacher Rose herself was orphaned at the age of 12 years and grew up in a hostile environment with no parental care. Continue reading “Meet Teacher Rose”