Flooding at CVC

There was a lot of heavy rain in Nairobi last week and the main school building was flooded, with water coming in from outside and up through the floor.

Flooding at CVC

Flooding at CVC

This meant that for several days all the children had to move into the church next door which was not easy for them as it was crowded, noisy and hot. We were able to get the water pumped away, and have cleaned up the mess, so they are now back in the main building again.

Children learning in the church hall

Children learning in the church hall

The school was also flooded several times during November and December, which is the regular rainy season. We are discussing the situation with the landlord and work to prevent future flooding is likely to take place later in the year, but this has yet to be fully confirmed. While the work is going on we will need to relocate the school to another building nearby, and we are looking at how best to do this.

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We will share more information once the plans and dates are known.


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