Do you have business skills? Can you help us make the school self-sufficient?

We already keep a few pigs and sell the piglets, and grow vegetables to make some money for the school, but the amount we are making is relatively small and we still rely on donations to keep the school running.

CVC pigs

One of our pigs with her piglets

While we are very grateful to all our donors and hope they will continue to support us, our long-term goal is to become self-sufficient. We are looking to keep more pigs and a friend is fundraising so that we can have a greenhouse to increase the amount of vegetables we grow. We are also open to other business ideas.

The pig sheds and the land where vegetables are grown

The pig sheds and the land where we grow vegetables

Please contact us if you can help us to create an overall strategy for self-sufficiency, advise us on how to expand our existing businesses or have ideas for new ones that we could start. While all assistance will be greatly appreciated, we would particularly welcome input from people who have practical experience with businesses in Kenya or other developing countries.

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