Fundraising for breakfast at school – can you help?

Many of the children at CVC come from poor families who struggle to feed them, so they often come to school without eating breakfast. When they are hungry it is hard for them to concentrate in class.

Serving porridge to the children

To reduce the level of hunger, at the beginning of March we started giving all the children porridge three mornings a week. Thanks to a donation from a friend of CVC, we have been able to buy enough to last for the rest of this term.

Children drinking their porridge

To continue feeding them porridge three days a week for the whole of the next term will cost us US$470 (click for detailed budget). We would like to raise the money by 2 May as that is when the new term begins. Please donate if you can and share this request with your family and friends.

Children drinking their porridge

The easiest way to donate is through our fundraising page on M-Changa where international donors can use PayPal or a credit card, and Kenyans can send money through M-Pesa and other mobile money services. If you prefer to transfer your donation directly to our bank account, or use Western Union or MoneyGram, please get in contact.

Thank you for your support which will make a real difference to the children at our school 🙂


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