Other Activities

Supporting refugees

Being forced from their homes by conflict and having to move to a new country is a huge challenge, so we provide advice and support to both young and adult refugees to help them become a part of the local community. As many arrive speaking little or no English, we run English classes to help them with their language skills.

We have a group, mostly women, who run a small savings and loans scheme which enables them to start or expand small businesses in the area.

CVC pigs

CVC pigs

Making money for the school

At the moment, most of our income comes from outside donations and the small fees paid by parents. Over the longer term we want to become more self-sufficient, so have started doing the following:

Keeping pigs. Once they are large enough, the majority of the piglets are sold, bringing in money for the school, while some of the females are kept to increase the number of piglets we produce.

The pig sheds and the land where vegetables are grown

The pig sheds and the land where vegetables are grown

Growing vegetables. Most of these are used for school lunches, with any surplus being sold.

We wish to continue expanding these small businesses and starting others to make us more independent of outside support.