Christ’s Victory Centre (CVC) is a registered Community-Based Organization that was established solely by a group of refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in September 2009. CVC is located along Thika Road in Githurai 45, right outside Nairobi, Kenya. The idea of creating CVC came from the revelation that our founders received from the Bible in the book of Jeremiah 29:5-7: “… I must contribute to the peace, development and prosperity of the host country” (Kenya).

We are registered with the Kenyan government.
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We focus our energies on children, specifically those who are less fortunate around here. In these group are included refugees – particularly from DR Congo and South Sudan – IDPs, orphans and kids from extremely poor families.

Our mission is to help our beneficiaries and nurture them into maturity in all aspects of life. In order to help them avoiding negative paths, we provide them tools to be and to become social mentally health individuals. Education, social awareness, moral uprightness, and spiritual growth are examples or grounds that we step up to help them to achieve with success their dreams and desires.


  1. To make our beneficiaries responsible for themselves and others in their future lives
  2. To integrate them into today’s society
  3. To disconnect them from the gang troupes of criminals and drug abuse.
  4. To restore and inculcate in them self confidence, self respect, and a sense of self worth by showing to them life’s values.
  5. To lead their destiny and belief to a positive reality
  6. To develop their talents and gifts in many different fields and equip them with new skills.